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3-D Illustration

Joe Schultz eLearning & Multimedia

EnergyLogic, Inc. - Energy Star® Field Manual Illustrations

The Specs: EnergyLogic, Colorado's leading provider of home energy efficiency and conservation services, produced a field Manual for Northern Colorado Energy Star Homes Program. The manual needed illustrations of several building components and their corresponding requirements for an Energy Star rating. The illustrations needed to:

  • Be clean, concise, and easy to understand at a glance
  • Show common scenarios encountered in the field
  • Accurately portray each requirement
  • Have a common look-and-feel to enhance the publication's cohesiveness

The Solutions: Build 3-D computer-based models of each scenario showing each requirement complete with realistic lighting and textures. Create printable versions of each illustration to be inserted into the field manual.

  • 3-D models allowed for accurate portrayal of each requirement without having to photograph a real-world instance
  • Applying realistic lighting and textures made the illustrations easy to interpret
  • Using software to simulate each scenario allowed each illustration to have a similar look-and-feel

Technical Notes:

  • The 3-D models were built using AutoDesk 3D Studio Max
  • The layout of the manual was done by another graphic artist
  • The examples to the right show my illustrations in the context of the manual

Steve Byers, CEO of EnergyLogic, says:

"I met Joe at the end of 2009 when I selected him as part of a group of trainees to participate in a new program that EnergyLogic was developing as part of our services to homeowners.  From that group of twelve students, we selected just four for our program and I can enthusiastically report that Joe was one of those that we chose. 

Joe was a fantastic student, thoughtful, personable and able to think on his feet.  He was also systematic in his approach to working in what was for him then, a very new field.  He contributed greatly to our effort.  It was however later that I got to know Joe best.  I contracted with Joe separately to work as an illustrator for a project that we had developing a guide for a cutting edge building science program.  In that context, Joe was able to employ his new knowledge of building science and his skills as a illustrator.  I worked personally and closely with Joe through the project along with our graphic design professional.  Joe was not just thoroughly professional, but also, very creative, proactive in helping me guide the project and meet its needs and finally, completely easy and pleasant to work with.

It is my firm opinion that Joe will do well in any field that he applies himself to.  His passion for learning, creativity of thought, professionalism and easy personality will be an asset to your program.  Indeed, I very much hope to work with Joe in the future and I can think of no better praise than that."

Addendum: Steve Byers did hire me in August of 2010 to create graphics and animation for his new online energy rater training scheduled to launch in January of 2010. If all goes as planned, it will be the first of many online courses by EnergyLogic.

"Joe has been great to work with on all levels. His creativity, vision and ability to help guide projects have been key attributes that have contributed to the success of our working relationship."


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Energy Star Field Manual