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Joe Schultz eLearning & Multimedia

Video Professor - Online Travel Lesson

The Specs: Video Professor's Online Travel lesson needs to teach students what to expect when using a self-service ticketing kiosk at an airport. To avoid any copyright infringement, the simulation cannot contain actual screens from a real airline, ticketing kiosk or airport.

The Solution: Create a computer-based simulation showing the the process of obtaining a boarding pass.

  • Create an imaginary airline including branded colors.
  • Build a 3-D check-in counter and kiosk that can be shot from several angles.
  • Design a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the kiosk that closely resembles the real thing.
  • Create a fake credit card, frequent flyer card, and boarding pass using the airline's branded colors.
  • Animate the elements to show the check-in process.

Technical Notes:

  • The 3-D models are built using AutoDesk 3D Studio Max.
  • The arm and hand are modeled in Smith Micro Poser.
  • The images are composited using Adobe Photoshop and each element exported as a separate graphic file.
  • The simulation is animated using Adobe Director.
  • The Director animation is converted to a Flash Video file (FLV) using TechSmith Camtasia.

Michael Dewar, Senior Project Manager, Video Professor says

"Joe is an incredibly creative artist. I have worked with him on many projects and his design and concept ideas amaze me. He always had an idea to bring to the table to help enhance the look and feel of all projects."


Excerpt from Video Professor's Online Travel Lesson